Mobile Technology and Privacy

There is no doubt that the rapid advancements of mobile have provided tremendous value to both businesses and consumers. Mobile devices are revolutionizing the way consumers communicate, interact and carry out daily activities. “In a typical day a consumer may use a mobile device to read the latest news, email, text, pay bills, place and receive phone calls, post status updates on a social networking site, download and launch an app to find nearby movie theaters and buy tickets to the latest release, and even pay for a cup of coffee”.

People should be aware of the privacy issues surrounding the way they use their mobile device. The fact that most people carry their cell phones everywhere and they are typically always on could allow for detailed profiles of consumer movements over time. Consumers are not always aware they are being tracked. In recent surveys consumers have expressed concern about their privacy on mobile devices. “In a 2011 survey of U.S.smartphone users, less than one-third of survey respondents reported feeling in control of their personal information on their mobile devices”.


If companies do not address these concerns, it could lead to an erosion of trust in the mobile marketplace, which would be detrimental to both industry and consumer.

How do you use your mobile device(s)? Do you have privacy concerns?


3 thoughts on “Mobile Technology and Privacy

  1. LaTasha Kenley says:

    I use my mobile phone mostly flipping in and out of four screens of apps that are 90% free! As a marketer I download to keep up with what is trending through word of mouth. As a consumer I use the core social media apps, however I should be better at reading through the permission and privacy statements. The concerns that I have are mainly with contact information, for example facebook messenger and the glide (video messaging app) your phone number is readily available to all of your facebook friends and you can glide with your phonebook contacts.


  2. Valerie Train says:

    I use my mobile device primarily to keep up to date with social media, popular news in the media, email, and staying in contact with friends. Although I usually do not use these, apps that ask for personal information such as a phone number or address, I try to steer clear of. Not all apps that use this kind of personal information use it against its consumers, but it does make it easier to cross privacy boundaries.


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