Digital Storytelling to Connect with Consumers

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to breathe life into your brand. “Emotional branding is a progressive marketing strategy that has the potential to drive revenue and increase customer retention.How a person feels about your brand typically determines whether they buy your product. A brand is a matter of perception”.

Emotions are what drive and compel us. “They are also the reason we buy the same type of car, beer, shoe brand or sandwich over and over … because of the way those brands make us feel,” said Dave Martin, of Ignited.

The stories you are telling can’t be purely informational (even though there is a time and place for that content). In fact good storytelling isn’t even directly about you, your company or your products. “It’s about emotions, needs and the written and unwritten images associated with these emotions and needs, in relationship to what your brand evokes”.

See this Expedia short film – ‘Find Your Strength’

This film really has nothing directly to do with Expedia (other than she is traveling to a St. Jude’s fundraiser). However, it does evoke strong emotions.

“We may not be able to force consumers to watch our ads, but what we can do is create something that is so compelling that consumers will feel a need to watch it. And if we really get our story right, we might even make them want to share it with their friends,” Martin said.

Obviously the ultimate goal of digital storytelling as a marketing technique is to inspire – whether it motivates change, encourages the buying of a product or service, or draws people into your store, regardless of the time frame. The outcome desired will drive the story.


2 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling to Connect with Consumers

  1. kkprice says:

    I also think great digital storytelling leads to higher brand resonance and equity. While a story may not directly relate to increased sales it can lift the brand in the minds of consumers. Brand recall is much higher when brands are engaging and relevant. A digital story can make this happen. I think marketers need to make this one of their storytelling objectives as well.


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