Bio-data…The Future of Marketing?

Almost one in three Americans are logging personal bio-data.

Of those using fitness trackers “43 per cent of users are willing to share their behavioral data for more personalized digital ads, and they were five times more likely to purchase due to digital ads than non-quantified self users”.

Does this mean that bio-data could be the future of marketing? Using personal behavioral and bio-data to create highly targeted ads…

While there are clear fitness/health advantages to logging one’s activities, food intake, mood and behaviors throughout each day does it also offer marketers a unique glimpse into the real daily routine of its consumers?
Some fitness tracking devices collect and record more than “traditional” personal information (name, date of birth, address). “Self-tracking information can be as varied as weight, BPM, sleep times, location data, or even things as personal as sexual activity, emotional state, or drinking habits”.
What do you think about marketers using personal quantified self data for marketing purposes? Does it go too far?

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