Breaking Through the Noise

We live in a world of increasing advertising noise. Advertisements shouldn’t be just a shot in the dark anymore. We are far away from the days when consumers had little control over what they saw or ingested. “Over the past decade, bandwidth became cheaper and wider”. The rise in internet access (especially mobile) has transformed the way we interact socially, connect/communicate with one another, and they way our economy runs. Consumers now have the power to be selective in what they engage with and absorb, making split-second decisions about what to give their attention to (or not).

“Advertisers must collect and respond to data about how their users engage with online content (both their own and their competitors), and understand what drives their target audience towards engagement”. Advertisers shouldn’t waste their time creating ads their consumers don’t want to see. It is important to understand your target market; how they use the internet, where they engage (how long), why and then create tailored ads to reach those individuals. “As the internet continues to prevail as a media form, advertisers must begin to look at the online marketing and advertising system as a whole, rather than seeing each subsegment as separate, unrelated parts”. Advertisers must begin by prioritizing their brand’s online content. How does it relate to the long-term goals of the company?

“Once a business has documented their content marketing goals, success comes down to things like the volume of posts, the variety of the content and the value it provides your audience. Volume. Variety. Value”. (more on this in the next post)



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